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Acrylic Dividers – Are you ready to welcome your clients back in the practice?

When your practice is ready to do so, it is important to be able to work in the safest way possible, with that in mind at Vet Direct we have a range of Perspex screen solutions to help you, the practice and your customers stay safe. 


Recently I have been learning more and more about the HDO MDPRO, and I wanted to share with you how revolutionary I think this piece of equipment is.

AirWave Dental System with LED Handpieces

Airwave III+ - This is one of the most competitively priced complete dental machine packages, especially being LED, and has a high and low speed hand piece and 3-way syringe and piezo scaler - I believe this  can help practices with difficult dentals. This machine will be a fabulous addition to your practice.

Super Easter Sales List

We have Ex Demo, Ex Show, B Class and Over Stocked items available. Saving up to 50% of Veterinary Equipment and up to a MASSIVE 70% off orthopaedics instrument, plates and Screws.

BSAVA 2021

BSAVA 2021 come and see us! Download the Extra “Extra” - jam packed with even bigger savings than your monthly "extra", Win a BIG CAT Day out - a day to remember forever, Skechers Launch - Buy 5 Get 1 FREE!, FREE Skechers Print Top - Just make an appoint to meet your friendly account manager, Vet Direct Clearance Sale - get to the list first!

Barco Sustainable Scrubs

Barco Sustainable Scrubs - Bringing you two brands of work wear "Barco One" and "Skechers by Barco" to the veterinary industry. Breathable fabric designed with moisture wicking technology allowing you to keep cool when it’s warm and warm when it is cool. Each item is made with recycled plastic bottles 5 per garment in Barco One and 7 per a garment in Skechers by Barco - available in a range of comfortable and modern designs in a wide spectrum of traditional and fresh colours! Try them today?

Change the way you measure blood pressure forever with MDRPO

The MDPRO Veterinary Blood Pressure system is a revolutionary piece of equipment based on HDO patented technology which will change the way you monitor blood pressure forever. Go for the MDPRO, trust me – you won’t regret it!

Making Time 2 Talk

Making time to talk is really important for everyone at the moment from a quick cuppa to fun interacting quizzes, we all need to make time for each other, whether it be at home or work. #bekind #maketime2talk We are therefore we are inviting you - to arrange a cuppa with your account manager and for your time you will receive a fabulous and FREE Skechers Printed Tunic!

Opticlar Pocket Diagnostic Set

Superb professional Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope heads with tough pocket size handles - great quality that is easy on the pocket!

Water Distiller 3 litre - reduces the practices carbon footprint by eliminating the use of plastic containers

no more unnecessary purchases of purified water, which may not seem that expensive but if you are using your autoclave regularly this soon mounts up! Buying 46 bottles of purified water at the cost of £4.90 each would pay for the water distiller. Heather Duffy RVN

Edan VE1010 - PC ECG

VE1010 itself…it’s a simple, straightforward machine to use! There are only 3 main parts to it, the sampling box, the connector to the laptop and the connector to the patient! In order to run the software you can use your own laptops if its set up for Windows 10 or above and you’ll get the software disk with the purchase. So that’s all you need to get up and running! Oh and the clips are included along with a nice small storage case which is smaller than a sheet of A4 paper, so fits nicely in a cupboard. In only 6 uses it could have paid for itself! Win-win if you ask me! Sarah Cokell

Multi-Parameter Magic

Multi-Parameter Magic Edan iM60 Veterinary Multi-Parameter with Capnography is "a complete game changer" - If you are on the fence about whether a multi-parameter is for you, then take the plunge – I promise you will not look back! Kelly-Ann Langton RVN