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Multi-Parameter Magic

Multi-Parameter Magic Edan iM60 Veterinary Multi-Parameter with Capnography is "a complete game changer" - If you are on the fence about whether a multi-parameter is for you, then take the plunge – I promise you will not look back! Kelly-Ann Langton RVN

Darvall Cozy Warm Forced Air Heater

Darvall Cozy Warm Air Heater - It’s a must have for any veterinary practice. Quick and easy, it can be used to safely warm caged or kennelled animals before anaesthesia, during recovery and critical care, as well as warming patients during surgery, dentistry, imaging and minor procedures. This helps with a faster recovery for the patient and fewer complications has it efficiently increases the pet’s temperature either before after or during the procedure. Danii Poulter

Enmind Infusion Pump

The Enmind Infusion Pump. A lot of you might think ‘ah it’s just a drip pump’ ‘they all do the same thing’. Which at first, when I learnt about drip pumps I too thought the same. It is hard to describe the excitement because actually there is so much more to it... Read On Bethan Cross

Vet Direct 12 days of Christmas offers and prizes

We are excited to share our fantastic 12 Days of Christmas - OFFERS & COMPETITION

Your Vet Direct Nationwide Account Managers

Our friendly and super helpful team of account managers are here to help you!

Meet Heather!

Heather Duffy - Senior Account Manager fro Vet Direct covering Scotland and the North - Looking forward to meeting existing and building new Vet Direct customer relationships...

What have we been doing in lock down?

Social Distancing at our warehouse and plenty of our team working from home!