The Sustainable Practice: Identifying Environmentally-Friendly Essentials for your Veterinary Practice

At Vet Direct, we're committed to helping veterinary practices become more environmentally conscious. That's why we're excited to introduce our new category, The Sustainable Practice. This new category is designed to make it easy for you to identify and incorporate practice essentials that are kinder to the environment.

Here are some of the features of The Sustainable Practice:

? Eco-Friendly Product Selection:
A simple way to browse our selection of products, helping you feel confident that you're making a positive impact by choosing these essentials for your practice. Look out for the Vet Direct Sustainable heart icon and ribbons across the site, these indicate which products, equipment and consumables are part of The Sustainable Practice, whether they are recyclable, reduce waste or are manufactured with sustainability at the heart.

? Kinder Choices:
By choosing essentials from The Sustainable Practice you're taking steps towards reducing your practice's carbon footprint and becoming kinder toward the environment. We know that every little reduction in waste or extra plastic recycled counts, and we here to make it easier for you!

?️ Adhering to Best Practice:
We know as veterinary professionals, you’re committed to practising the best possible standards of care for your patients. You also have a responsibility to make more conscious decisions towards the environment. By using The Sustainable Practice section for your practice, you're adhering to the best practices of both veterinary medicine and environmental stewardship.

Ready to Get Started?
Visit The Sustainable Practice on Vet Direct to start your journey towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable practice.
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