Schedule your orders & plant a tree

By setting up a scheduled order with Vet Direct, it not only saves your practice time and improves running efficiency, it also plants a tree.

So what are Scheduled Orders?
A scheduled order is a regular order that is set up with your Vet Direct Account Manager or the Customer Care team with items that you frequently order and use. 
These are often consumables such as needles, syringes, catheters, infusion sets & accessories, bandages, swabs, gowns, kennel liners.... 

How frequently are the deliveries?
When you set up your scheduled order with the team they will help you review the items that you use and with you, agree a frequency that works for you. This could be a weekly, fortnightly, monthly delivery, or anything in between. This means that your practice revceives the items they need when they need them, without running out.

How do I amend a delivery?
Simply call our friendly Customer Care team on 0800 068 3300 and they'll sort it for you. 

How do we plant a tree?
Vet Direct work with the National Trust and locally, Tyne Rivers Trust to plant a tree for every scheduled order that Vet Direct delivers over £300. In the last 12 months, we've planted over 300 trees with a further 91 trees promised for the next planting season. 

How do I set up a scheduled order?
Either call your Account Manager or call the Customer Care team on 0800 068 3300 and they will set everything up for you. It couldn't be easier. Just make sure that everyone in the practice knows that they no longer need to order your everyday items!

set up your scheduled order