Practice Kennelling Solutions

We know your patients are your priority and that they deserve a comforting environment to enjoy their stay and promote their recuperation. 
That's why, at Vet Direct, we work with several different kennelling manufacturers to bring you the latest in kennels which offer

  • Easy Cleaning
  • Stress reduction
  • Modular options to fit practices of all shapes and sizes
  • ISFM Gold and Silver standards

Stainless Steel or Glass Kennels?

Our experienced team are able to guide you to the veterinary kennel solution that's right for your practice.

Choose traditional Stainless Steel for it's hard wearingness, security and easy clean nature. Or select our alternative, with glass doors, lighting, heating and sound dampening.

The Process

A member of our experienced Project Team will be assigned to your practice to support you every step of the way, delivering a kennelling solution that meets your practice standards.


1. Requirements

Together, we'll work through the Vet Direct Kennel Survey. The survey will show you the options available to you and gather those small, critical details that ensure our solution truly meets the needs of your practice team and your patients.

2. Floor Plan

It's important we get the floor plan right for smooth planning and installation. Don't worry if you don't have a floor plan to hand, talk to your Project Manager, we can help!

3. Technical Drawing & Quote

Based on your detailed requirements and floor plan we will send to you our proposal, technical drawing and full quotation, including installation.

4. Installation

The experienced installation team will be with you at a time that suits your practice to install and leave you with your new kennel bank, ready and waiting for their first patient.

Take the first step towards your new bank of kennels. Fill in your details and a member of our team will be in touch to understand exactly what your practice needs are now and in the future.

Suppliers we work with