Code: P-JEL
Jelco 24G x 0.75" YELLOW Sold In Singles (Outer Pack Size 50)
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Closure Stopper Red

Code: SIIP003
Code: SIIP003
Can be used for closing all standard male/female IV connections and some syringes &n...

Coflex Bandage

Code: P-VRB
Available Colours:
Code: P-VRB
Co-Flex Bandage is very stretchy doesn’t stick to the fur and causes minimum pain whe...
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Code: P-TER
Code: P-SDS
From £4.94

PosiFlush Saline

Code: P-PSF00
Code: P-PSF00
From £0.75

Terumo Syringe

Code: P-TSY
Code: P-TSY
From £5.82
Code: SIIP002
Closure Stopper with Injection Site


A silk-like tape with a latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive that offers high strength...
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Code: P-PFA
Colourful heavy-duty bandage - a lightweight porous comfortable bandage. It adheres t...
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Drape Vet-Gen

Code: P-VGSD
Code: P-VGSD
Disposable, sterile packed. Flexible green plastic covers in peel-pack.
From £0.70
Code: P-COFL
A strong abrasion-resistant flexible bandage for a variety of applications. It’s an e...
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Code: SIIP001
Screw-In Injection Caps - Luer Lock - Yellow  
Code: BION003

Melolin Dressing

Code: P-MEL
Code: P-MEL
Melolin* Low Adherent Absorbent Dressings\nMelolin consists of a highly absorbent c...
From £0.24
Pearl Nitrile gloves are powder-free, tear resistant single use gloves