Find the right fit with Vet Direct's Scrub Styling & Sizing Sets

Are you tired of constantly searching for the perfect scrubs for your veterinary practice? Look no further – Vet Direct has the solution for you! We understand that finding the right style and fit for your team members is crucial for their comfort and confidence. That's why we offer our  Scrub Style & Sizing SetsWith our Style Set and Sizing Set, finding the perfect scrubs has never been easier.

Say Hello to the Vet Direct Style Set – The Best Place to Start

The Vet Direct Style Set showcases our most popular Scrub Tops and Trousers, meticulously chosen to meet your practice's specific requirements. With this exclusive collection, you can easily find the ideal style that aligns with your preferences and needs.

What's within our Style Set?
  • Cherokee: Embrace a sleek and professional appearance with Cherokee Scrubs. These timeless designs exude sophistication, ensuring your team looks polished and ready for any situation.
  • Barco Scrubs: Experience contemporary and stylish designs with Barco Scrubs. Elevate your team's image with trendy patterns and cuts, making a fashion statement while maintaining comfort and functionality.
  • Skechers: Prioritise comfort and functionality with Scrubs from Skechers. Their high-quality fabrics and ergonomic designs offer unparalleled comfort throughout the day, ensuring your team can perform their best.

What Can You Expect from Our Style Set?

Thoughtfully Selected: The Scrubs featured in our Style Set have been carefully chosen to represent the best options available, ensuring you get a comprehensive overview of the top styles in the industry.

Customised Features: From pocket position to the weight and feel of the material, our Style Set allows you to compare and select unique features that suit your preferences and the needs of your team.

Confidence in Choice: By exploring our Style Set, you can make an informed decision, confident that you have chosen the best Scrubs for your entire team, ensuring a unified and professional appearance.

You have 10 days to try and return the Style Set and choose your perfect scrubs. From there, working with our Customer Care Team you can choose the relevant Sizing Set to ensure successful sizing for your team. Call our Customer Care Team or Account Manager to start the process!

The Sizing Set:  The Next Step for Finding Your Perfect Fit

At Vet Direct, we understand that ordering the correct size online can be challenging, which is why we have introduced our Scrub Sizing Sets to make the process easier for you and your team. Our sizing sets are split into sets by Scrub Brand and Top/Trousers – Cherokee, Barco, and Skechers.

How Does Our Scrub Sizing Set Work?
  1. Browse through our Styling Set to choose your preferred Scrub style.
  2. Select the Scrub Sizing Set for your chosen brand and top/trouser.
  3. Receive the Scrub Sizing Set and let each team member try on the different sizes to find their perfect fit.
  4. Place your order with confidence, knowing that everyone has found their optimal Scrub size.

With a 10-days to find the correct size and return, you can ensure that each member of your practice is confident in their new scrubs. All that’s left to do is return your Sizing Set and our Customer Care Team will help you order your new scrubs for you and your team. 

Explore, Touch, and See the Brands in Person

At Vet Direct we believe in making your scrub shopping experience as seamless as possible, That's why we provide you the opportunity to explore, touch and see the brands in person before committing to a purchase. 

Embroidery and Easy Ordering

We understand the importance of personalising your workwear. That's why embroidery is available on all garments. Whether you prefer a logo or personal names on each garment, you can easily order your chosen scrubs with one simple phone call to our dedicated Customer Care Team or your Account Manager. We're here to help every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free ordering process.

What to do next?

Don't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to your veterinary practice's workwear. Experience the difference with Vet Direct's Scrub Styling & Sizing Sets – browse, try on, and find scrubs that your whole team will love. Visit our website to see the full-colour range.

Call our Customer Care Team on 0800 068 3300 or contact your Account Managers to start your Scrub Styling & Sizing journey.


*Please understand that due to popularity there is a waiting list for our sets - not to worry though our Customer Care Team will keep you updated with the full process, delivery dates and expected returns. Though a short wait for your set, its a bigger gain overall, helping you ensure each team is comfortable in their scrubs and reducing your time spent returning illfitting scrubs.*
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