Branching Out for a Better Future: Vet Direct and Tyne River Trust Plant 579 Trees for Greener Veterinary Practices

Here at Vet Direct, we're excited to announce an exciting partnership with local environmental charity, Tyne Rivers Trust, to further our commitment to sustainability and local environmental conservation. As part of this commitment, Vet Direct will plant a tree for every scheduled order over £300, with Tyne Rivers Trust responsible for the planting process. This initiative aims to contribute to the restoration of the River Tyne catchment area while showcasing Vet Direct's and its customers’ dedication to environmental responsibility.

Since August 2022, we have made a significant donation to Tyne Rivers Trust, which will result in the planting of 579 trees. We aim to continue to make these donations enabling the Tyne Rivers Trust to undertake ongoing tree-planting projects. This commitment reinforces our dedication to supporting the local community and aligns with our long-term goals of preserving the environment.

"We are thrilled to join forces with local charity, Tyne Rivers Trust and embark on this important initiative," said Steve Linstead, Vet Direct. "By planting a tree for every qualifying order, we not only aim to offset carbon emissions but also foster a greener future for our local community and beyond. We believe that this partnership will serve as a powerful catalyst for change within our veterinary industry clients and our local community."

Tyne Rivers Trust, an esteemed environmental charity renowned for its efforts in improving the River Tyne catchment, has a highly skilled and dependable volunteer team committed to planting trees across the region. By leveraging the expertise of Tyne Rivers Trust, Vet Direct ensures that each tree is planted in the optimal location, contributing to the overall environmental health of the area.

Vet Direct invites you, our valued practices to join this green initiative and take part in the company's sustainability efforts. The tree planting program serves as a tangible representation of our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility and hopes to raise awareness about the importance of eco-friendly initiatives within the veterinary industry.

How can you get involved? 
By setting up a scheduled order with Vet Direct, it not only saves your practice time and improves running efficiency, it also plants a tree.

So what are Scheduled Orders?
A scheduled order is a regular order that is set up with your Vet Direct Account Manager or the Customer Care team with items that you frequently order and use. These are often consumables such as needles, syringes, catheters, infusion sets & accessories, bandages, swabs, gowns, kennel liners.... 

Speak to our Customer Care team to start your schedule order process. 
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