Protect Your Staff from Injury with Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves

Prioritise your team's safety with Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves – an indispensable addition to your Safe Operating Procedures. At Vet Direct, we understand that the safety and well-being of your staff are paramount, especially when handling fractious animals. That's why we are offering 10% OFF Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves, available in both small and medium sizes. 

Protect your staff from the unpredictability of fractious and stressed animals, particularly cats, which account for 56% of reported injuries in small animal practices*.

Safeguard Your Staff's Well-being and Work Capability

Animal-related injuries, such as abrasions, scratches, and puncture wounds, can lead to significant downtime, with affected individuals often unable to work for over 7 days*. By incorporating Venom Defender Gloves into your protocols, not only can you prevent potential injuries but also reduce work-related incidents and subsequent time off.

Enhanced Confidence and Efficiency with
Venom Defender Gloves 

Tested and praised during trials at Vet Direct**, these gloves instil confidence and efficiency in handling animals. In the trials:
  • 81% felt more confident
  • 96% recommended them for handling fractious cats
  • 48% reported reduced procedure time
  • 22% noted a calmer response from cats52% observing no impact on feline behaviour

Trust the Expertise of Venom Defender Gloves

It is crucial to note that while Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves offer an extra line of security, they should not be considered a substitute for good handling techniques. While not puncture-proof, Venom Defender Gloves are highly puncture-resistant, endorsed by experts in zoos and aquariums globally. They complement good handling techniques and have gained a well-deserved reputation for reliability.

We've been working with animal handling gloves for a while now and would definitely recommend them as they certainly do the job over and above other gauntlets we have used.

Safeguard your staff, minimise incidents, and ensure a safer working environment. Discover more about the Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves here. Not sure about the 
size? Download our Sizing Guide on our product page. 

*Internal data available on request. CVS Group 2023 **Vet Direct Trial Data available upon request ***Tested with ZSL
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