How to best maintain your clippers?

Just like in any trade, it’s important to take care of your tools. Not maintaining them properly could lose you money, cause injury and infection for patients and cost more in the long run. We’ve pulled together 5 simple tips to help create a clipper care routine, helping you maintain and sustain your equipment. We’ve focused on the Favorita Cli Intelligent clippers but these steps can and should be applied across all clipping equipment brands.

We also have our full Clipper Essential Maintenance Kit  available at Vet Direct. Our essential kit includes everything you need to keep your clippers running for longer, use it in conjunction with our care guide and you're guaranteed better-performing clipper equipment! 

For a limited time, we also have 20% off Kerbl Clipper Blades. To ensure the optimum performance level of your clippers, replacing blades every so often can help maintain the ability of your clippers, as well as reduce risk of injury. 



Following the above guide will help create a routine to clean and sustain your equipment.  Vet Direct are offering customers a special discount when they shop the Favorita Clipper Starter Pack, for more information please click here.  For a full guide on how to clean and maintain your clippers in general please click here.  Don't forget to check out our Clipper Essential Maintenance Kit - everything you need to ensure your clipper maintenance. 
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