Animal Handling Venom Defender Gloves

Be more confident when handling fractious animals with these Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves.

Available in both small and medium sizes, choose the highest level of cut and puncture resistance for you and your team.

Download the sizing guide. 7 is a small and 8 is a medium. 


Gloves Size:
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Animal Handling Gloves

Size Medium

Handling animals always comes with risks. Ensuring you and your team are protected will always be a high priority. These Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves will help protect your team from fractious, stressed animals and form part of your Safe Operating Procedures.

Protect your staff and their ability to work unharmed

Injuries from cats are not uncommon and have the potential to be a serious injury. 56% of reported injuries in a group of small animal practices over a 12 month period were caused by cats with the majority of injuries occurring to hands through abrasions, scratches and puncture wounds due to an unexpected animal reaction. Several of these resulted in the injured person being unable to work for over 7 days.* Using the Animal Handling Venom Defender Gloves will not only protect your staff but reduce work place related incidents and resulting time off work.

During trial in practice for Vet Direct**

  • 81% felt more confident handling the animal when using the glove
  • 96% would recommend this glove for fractious cats
  • 48% said wearing the gloves reduced the procedure time
  • 22% felt the gloves made the cat calmer, with 52% reporting no impact to the cats behaviour


About the Animal Handling Venom Defender Gloves


  • High performance SuperFabric brand material technology
  • Highest level of cut and puncture resistance product on the market
  • Venom Defender Animal Handling gloves utilise 3 layers of protective fabric, offset against each other for extra protection
  • Full coverage design over the entire hand and forearm, including palm, fingers, back of hand, and in between fingers.
  • Pre-curved shape for maximum comfort and ultimate protection
  • Specialized silicon gripping surface on palm
  • Superb dexterity and smoothness
  • Launderable. These gauntlet gloves can be washed in the washing machine with a splash of fabric softener at 30 degrees
  • Gloves increase in flexibility after washing, increasing dexterity
  • Can be sprayed with cat calming sprays to further relax the cat
  • Successfully tested for degradation against Disinfectants: 70% ethanol and Sodium Hypochlorite***


Venom Defender Animal Handling Gloves are intended as an extra line of security and should not be taken as a substitute of good handling techniques. Although not guaranteed to be puncture proof these Venom Defender Products are highly puncture resistant. These are effectively used against puncture wounds. Trusted by many zoo and aquarium experts around the world.

* Internal data, available on request. CVS Group 2023 ** Vet Direct Trial Data, available upon request ***Tested with ZSL

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