Freezpen: The Perfect Cryosurgery Tool for Veterinary Practice

As a veterinarian, you understand the importance of precision when it comes to conducting delicate procedures, particularly when dealing with skin lesions. At Vet Direct, we are committed to providing animal health professionals with innovative equipment that enhances their practice's efficiency and quality of care. That's why we are excited to introduce Freezpen, a powerful and precise cryosurgery instrument that improves the removal of benign skin lesions.

Simply Powerful and Precise

Freezpen has a high-powered (50-55 bar) microjet that achieves an in-tissue temperature of -89°C/-128°F. In a matter of seconds, it ensures complete tissue necrosis, making the removal of most skin pathologies quick and efficient. With its ultrafine sharp jet, total precision is guaranteed, and healthy tissue is left undamaged. The Freezpen also has a variety of applicators to suit your specific needs.

Simple, Painless, and Perfect

The Freezpen is minimally invasive, with no need for anaesthesia or cuts, and bleeding is minimal to non-existent. Choosing the right applicator, pointing it towards the lesion, and wiping the area is all that's required. Frozen tissue disappears within weeks, providing perfect results with no scarring, leaving healthy tissue unaffected. Each treatment takes just seconds, and cartridges are disposable for easy handling and transport.

Maximum Comfort for Your Patients

Cryosurgery, in general, is not considered painful, although some animals may experience slight discomfort initially. If the lesion is in sensitive or delicate areas, such as around the eyes, a sedative may be administered. A pain relief injection can further ensure your patients' comfort before they're sent home. Repeat treatments are generally better tolerated since sensory nerves are desensitized.

Freezpen provides maximum precision while minimising damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Its user-friendly attributes ensure that it's easy to handle and transport. A combination of Freezpen and Opticlar Easiloupes enhances the precision of your minute work, guaranteeing optimal results.

Speak to your Account Manager today or our Technical Team for more information on Freezpen and how it can improve your practice. With Freezpen, you can provide your patients with a comprehensive and sophisticated skin care service that enhances your care's efficiency and quality.

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