Dental Handpiece Maintenance Guide - Straight Handpiece

Keep your straight dental handpiece in top shape with our comprehensive maintenance guide. Follow our expert tips from the Technical Team at Vet Direct for long-lasting, reliable performance. 

Straight Handpiece

Oiling of the hand piece is of extreme importance
and should be done using a proprietary oil spray designed for micro motor driven hand pieces. (Universal oil spray - Code DDS001). The oil spray should be coupled with a suitable nozzle adaptor, designed to fit the hand piece type. I.e. the Intra-Quick nozzle (Code NOZZ004) as it is specially designed to fit an E-Type hand piece and allows for a continuous high-pressure blast of oil.

The hand piece should be oiled before each use. Remove the hand piece from the air motor unit, following all guidelines for removal. The dental bur or prophy angle should be removed and the oil nozzle inserted all the way into the base of the hand piece. It is then advised to spray the oil until it runs through clear - ideally this should be done over a sink or paper towel, and away from the patient.

To attach a bur or prophy angle attachment, turn the ring to release the chuck, then insert the bur or prophy angle and turn the ring in the opposite direction to lock it.

After finishing work for the day, the hand piece should then be rinsed under running water to remove any excess debris. It is advisable to wipe the outside of the hand piece with suitable alcohol wipes, or disinfectant wipes. (Always read and keep the instructions supplied with each hand piece, as each manufacturer may advise variations on this care guide).

The hand piece should be oiled as above, allowing the oil to run through clearly and leave to drain on a paper towel so excess oil can be removed.

The hand piece can now be autoclaved.



All the hand pieces are suitable for autoclaving, burs should always be removed.

Oil all hand pieces as described earlier. It is advisable to bag the hand piece during autoclaving, to prevent oil being dispersed into the autoclave. If using half paper and half plastic bags then the paper side should be placed up over to aid evaporation.

After sterilising the hand piece they must be oiled again as previously described and left standing, to drain away any excess oil prior to next use. Note: The hand piece should be cool before oiling.

You now need to run each component for 6-10 seconds to remove excess oil.

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