Dental Handpiece Maintenance Guide - Prophy Angle

Optimize the performance and durability of your prophy angle dental handpiece with our comprehensive maintenance guide. Follow expert tips from the Technical Team at Vet Direct for improved results and extended lifespan.

 Prophy Angle

This is a semi-disposable head attachment that fits onto an E-Fitting Hand piece. Using prophy paste is a messy job - the paste in time, if used directly on your expensive hand piece will gradually infiltrate the head and mechanism with paste and grit. Dramatically shorten its working life. The prophy angle accepts prophy cups directly on to the turning cap
As the prophy angle is relatively cheap it is designed to be replaced on a regular basis - the length of time varies from user to user, but generally the prophy angle will last 6 to 12 months or more, if treated well and maintained daily.

Daily maintenance – Remove the prophy cup and then remove the head cap turning “clockwise”. Wash all foreign particles away from the cap and gear head cavity. Now lubricate all gear, shaft, cap and head cavities – using a few drops of hand piece oil. Reassemble, making sure the gear cogs have all been realigned properly – and turn the shaft a few turns to check the head cap still rotates – and wipe off any excess oil.



All the hand pieces are suitable for autoclaving, burs should always be removed.

Oil all hand pieces as described earlier. It is advisable to bag the hand piece during autoclaving, to prevent oil being dispersed into the autoclave. If using half paper and half plastic bags then the paper side should be placed up over to aid evaporation.

After sterilising the hand piece they must be oiled again as previously described and left standing, to drain away any excess oil prior to next use. Note: The hand piece should be cool before oiling.

You now need to run each component for 6-10 seconds to remove excess oil.

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