Unleash the Refreshing Spring Aromas of Pet Odor Candles!

Are you tired of masking unwanted odours in your home or veterinary practice? Look no further than the Spring collection of Pet Odor Exterminator Candles, available at Vet Direct! Designed with both pets and humans in mind, these candles are the ultimate solution to eliminate odours while infusing your space with delightful spring fragrances.

Discover the Array of Invigorating Spring Scents
Whether you prefer the crisp notes of Honey Dew Melon, the fresh scent of Clothesline Fresh, or the soothing aroma of Lavender and Chamomiles, Pet Odor Exterminator Candles offer an array of fragrances that will transport you to a blissful spring day.

Other options include the invigorating Orange Lemon Splash, the groovy Hippie Love, the vibrant Flower Power, the calming Blue Serenity, the tropical Maui Wowie Mango, and the whimsical Lollipets. With such a wide selection, there is a scent to suit every preference.

Experience the Benefits of Pet Odor Candles
Beyond their captivating aromas, Pet Odor Candles offer numerous benefits that set them apart from traditional candles.
  1. These candles are enzyme-formulated, meaning they effectively remove odours by absorbing and breaking down their compounds. Gone are the days of simply masking unpleasant smells - Pet Odor Candles tackle them head-on.
  2. Pet Odor Candles boast an impressive estimated 70 hours of burn time, ensuring you can enjoy their delightful scent for longer periods.
  3. Long Lasting: The 368g jar provides long-lasting freshness, making these candles the perfect addition to any space.

Versatile and Pet-Friendly
Pet Odor Candles are not limited to combatting pet odours alone. While they excel at neutralizing cat, dog, and small animal odours, they are also effective in tackling other unwanted smells. From cooking odours to household scents, Pet Odour Candles work their magic, leaving your space smelling clean and inviting.


Don't settle for masking unpleasant odours when you can eliminate them with Pet Odor Candles. Experience the power of natural enzymes and indulge in the wonders of aromatherapy. Embrace the beauty of spring with Pet Odor Candles - where odour elimination meets captivating aromas.

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