Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Code: P-ELEV
Winged elevator - 4.5mm wide Modified Tip. Short winged blades with lateral edges whi...
From £14.81
Code: P-BOWE
Modified Couplands Elevators, designed by Dr R Wiggs DVM of Texas USA
From £20.75

4mm Fine Elevator*1

Code: EC-FE-4-150
Code: EC-FE-4-150
Code: RTPH01

2mm Very Fine Elevator*1

Code: EC-VFE-2-150
Code: EC-VFE-2-150
Code: FIL1606
Code: P-BOCE
Couplands No. 1 most dog teeth and the canine teeth in cats
From £19.24

Molar Luxator 160mm

Code: EC-ML-160
Code: EC-ML-160


Code: P-LUX
Code: P-LUX
Luxating Type Elevators are made with a thinner sharper blade to ease extraction. Use...
From £38.95
Code: P-INS
4mm Modified tip (Dog) with white/green ring. The curved tips have a horizontal conca...
From £18.67
Code: P-EC-PE

Winged Elevator

Code: P-EC-WE
Code: P-EC-WE
Code: EC-PE-M-2.5/4.5-205