SCALEX 890 Plus Ultrasonic Scaler and Micromotor Combination KIT*1          


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Apixia Scalex 890 Piezo Scaler, Water Cooled Multifunction Handpiece & Self-Contained Water Supply

This scaler is lightweight and streamlined with autoclavable piezo handpiece.

A variety of piezo scaler tips are available

Electric Micromotor Straight and contra angle attachments included for prophylaxis and a variety of drill and cutting functions Variable speed ranges from 3,600 to 35,000 RPM

There is a water cooling attachment for drilling & cutting

Internal Water Tank Large 1,000cc solution tank with internal pump allows for convenient portability

Any type of irrigate can be used during procedures to meet all clinical needs Includes:

  • Straight Handpiece
  • Diamond Cutting Disk
  • Diamond Cutting Disk Shield
  • Starter Pack of Burs
  • Contra Angle Handpiece
  • Prophy Attachments
  • Prophy Cups
  • Prophy Paste

There are a variety of piezo scaler tips are available for the Apixia Scalex 890 including: Endo Chuck: Root canal preparation and cleaning. Universal A: Removal of all supragingival calculus. Universal B : Removal supragingival calculus and suitable for interdental cleaning. Chisel: Removal supragingival heavy calculus. Perio: Removal of subgingival deposits and deep perio calculus.

Technical Specification:

  • Frequency 27,000~32,000 Hz/sec.
  • Rpm 3,600~35,000
  • Dimensions D260*W140*H210 mm
  • Volume 1,000ml
  • Weight 3.3Kg
  • Input 230V/50Hz

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