Closure Stopper Red

Code: SIIP003
Code: SIIP003
Can be used for closing all standard male/female IV connections and some syringes &n...

PosiFlush Saline

Code: P-PSF00
Code: P-PSF00
From £0.75
Code: SIIP002
Closure Stopper with Injection Site
Code: SIIP001
Screw-In Injection Caps - Luer Lock - Yellow  
Code: AQP528
T-Connector 3cm rigid body length 11.8cm total length  
Code: BAR010
T-Port Extension Set Barber 15cm

Giving Set Barber

This set has the same features as our standard set but operates at 60drops/ml and has...
From £1.83
Code: BG225
225 cm Solution Administration Set Continue Flo with non return valve and two y-port...
Code: BG200
200cm Solution administration set with flash ball priming volume 16.1 ml Non vented f...
Code: TC001